Affordable Monthly Furniture Rental

Today's millennial generation are constantly on the move and are challenged with the cost of furnishing their homes. Nure makes it easier for working proffessionals to move across Canada.
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How It Works.

Discover and select products from the available inventory provided by our network of suppliers.

Choose Furniture

Our platform will coordinate the delivery of your furniture with the support of our logistic partners.

Delivery Coordination

Our model provides the flexibility to restyle, extend or return the furniture anytime after 3 months.

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Behind the Scenes

Remote Purchasing Decisions

We help accelerate the rental decisions using augmented reality.

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Delivery Coordination

We coordinate and manage all logistical complexities to rent, deliver and bill for furniture using our AI-enabled platform.

Automated Payments

Pre-approved authorization to take regular payments from your credit card so you no longer need to worry about paying for the bill each month.

Return Items

Are you moving from the City? We can send our team to come and pick-up the furniture when you have time.

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Minimum 2 hours based on availability of drivers in Toronto.



Toronto, Ontario,    Canada

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